Princesse Angine — аккорды и текст песни Take Me Dancing

I was falling down, it felt like rain,
It felt like snow, or even worse.
They didn`t tell me, it`s a curse,
And now I have to call a nurse.
She seemed to be a better person,
Wouldn`t she take me dancing?

I would look at her, she`d look at me,
And she would see it in my eyes.
She wouldn`t even be surprised,
And I would promise to be nice.
After that, I could bet,
She would let me go dancing.

Take me dancing,
C                      A#m
Love doesn`t make any sense, no.
C                          A#m
But it`s your one and your only chance
To get what you see, what you see.
Watch me falling
Between believing and knowing.
My love is nothing for you at all,
But that`s what it seems (to be).

We`ve been working hard,
We shared just every single minute that we had.
Or was it only in my head?
And you were always far ahead.
And all the trials that we had
Could have been more intensive.

I was falling down
Just like a tree,
but it could always have been worse.
If I had nothing in my purse,
And couldn`t even pay a nurse.
Now I`m calm, she will come,
She will let me go dancing.