Always Suffering — аккорды

Let's take a walk
Just you and me
E   Dsus2 A
And talk of days gone by
Across the fields
under the trees
E  D   A
Let's speak of you and I

E    D
While the whole world
Was wandering
E         D     A
We walked a steady line
E         D
When all our friends
Were wavering
We kept on trying

A  D    E
Now we're always suffering
A  D     E
Already lost
A  D    E
Always suffering
A  D     E
Already lost

Remember when
On summer days
I would sing a lovers song
How you would smile
Shower me with praise
And the sun shined on

Now the rain is falling slow
And the nights grow long
And the train
Cries out so hauntingly
She is gone


Please take these flowers
Smell the perfume
Let your soul come alive
Let there be hope
Hope in your heart
That our love may revive

For life is but a chance
On a wind swept hill
And the seeds of love
Are swirling above
Let them be still

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