Plundered My Soul — аккорды

Hm                        D                       A
Can you believe it? I've won more medals in this love game.
Hm                          D                A
I've been resting on my laurels. I'm a bad loser. I'm a yard off my pace.
Hm                           D                           A
Mmmmm, I smell rubber and I soon discovered that you're gone for good.
Hm                       D                A
My indiscretions made a bad impression. Guess I was misunderstood.

A                        H       D                          A
I thought you needed my loving, but it's my heart that you stole.
H                        D                           A
I thought you wanted my money, but you plundered my soul.
(Plundered my soul)

I started asking around but your friend's pretty lips were sealed.
I wrote a letter full of twaddle and tripe confessions about wounds that heal.
I heard some gossip, you've become an alcoholic, you're dryin' out.
So I phoned every clinic in the yellow pages, not a trace I found.


I hate quittin' but I'm close to admittin' I'm a sorry case.
But on quiet reflection, my sad rejections not a total disgrace.
But I do miss your quick repartee and the smile that lights up your face.
You'll be a hard act to follow. A bitter pill to swallow.
You'll be tough, oh you're tough to replace.

I thought you wanted my loving, but it's my heart that you stole.
You were the trick up my sleeve. My ace in the hole.
I thought you wanted my money, but you plundered my soul.
Oh, plundered my soul.
Oh yeah!
(You plundered my soul)
You plundered my soul.
Yeah! Yeah!
(You plundered my soul)

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