Brainstorm — аккорды и текст песни Online

I'm reading your letters
I hope you are mine
You say that you're always fine,
Am                             G
But if you feel sad you can reach me online
I hope you are better,
I'll meet you at nine
You will say that you're always fine
But if you still feel sad you can reach me online

And you and you and you
G                                      Am
Too many passwords, codes and gateways to reach you
And every time I search that's true,
G                              Am
it's even easier to find U2 than the real U
W, W... too much trouble, I would say even double
And finally I can't understand it at all
G                               Am
I see the biggest screen without you on my wall


E Am           G                C
Will you come with me to that place
Where heaven means the sea
We'll be standing face to face
No mobile phones, so free, so free, so free.

And you and you and you
What would you say if someone comes to you and asks
'What is Your favorite dream?',
...and I would answer - 'to see НЕR on my screen'
'All right', he would say,
'then find a real password - a key to her heart,
Its not too simple, it's not too smart', and then
Your dream will be saved forever.