Brainstorm — аккорды и текст песни Passion

     G                     Cm
You wake up like a hungry tiger
G                   Cm
With your shopping bag in your hand
Surprise, surprise
Revenge was the night
And all your money turned into sand

You’ll run till you stop in a gateway
With your loving heart beating alone
Nurses of mercy won’t cover this issue
Jesus is calling and you pick up the phone

C                   D
Slow down, those are passions
G                           Em
Running like birds over our heads
And the question is - will we allow them
To make their luxurious nests in our beds
Slow down, those are passions
Running like birds over our heads
And the question is
D       G Cm G Cm
Who drives us?

One day we’ll jump off the end of the world
Where no one has ever jumped before
And swim to reaching the islands of the lord
With no passions anymore


C                             D
Then one day you’ll say that i’m special
G                        Em
And i will say that you’re special, too
C                D
And no matter then who drives us
G Cm G
It’s you