Billy’s Band — аккорды и текст песни Blue Valentines

               Dm       E
She sends me blue valentines
Dm            E
All the way from Philadelphia
Dm           E
To mark the anniversary
Am            A7
Of someone that I used to be
Dm                  E
And it feels like ther's a warrant
Am                A7
Is out for my arrest
Dm           E        Am   A7
Baby, you got me checkin in my rearview mirror
Dm             E
And I'm always on the run
Am            A7
Thats why I changed my name
H7                              E
But I didn't think you'd ever find me here

To send me blue valentines
Like half forgotten dreams
Like a pebble in my shoe
Аs I walk these streets
And the ghost of your memory
Is the thistle in the kiss
And the burgler that can break a roses neck
It's the tatooed broken promise
That I hide beneath my sleeve
I only see you every time I turn my back

She sends me blue valentines
Though I try to remain at large
They're insisting that our love
Must have a eulogy
Why do I save all of this madness
In the nightstand drawer
There to haunt upon my shoulders, baby I know
I'd be luckier to walk around everywhere I go
With a blind and broken heart
That sleeps beneath my lapel

She sends me my blue valentines
To remind me of my cardinal sin
I could never wash the guilt
Or get these bloodstains off my hands
And it takes a lot of whiskey
To take this nightmares go away
And I cut my bleedin heart out every nite
And I only die just a little more on each St. Valentines day
But you remember that I promised I would write...

These blue valentines
Blue valentines
Blue valentines