Brainstorm — аккорды и текст песни Before the Time Has Come to Leave You

I've never thought about if I do love you
It's somehow never been there on my mind
Why should I care about things
H                E
That are above my comprehension
G#              C#m
You made yourself a victim of love
H           E
Why should I pay attention

A                 E
You look so disappointed tonight
G#             C#m
Do we have any reason not to
A          E
Go out and make it all right
Before the time has come to leave you

You always hesitate before you answer
Your answers always have been so untrue
So why should I pretend to believe
In the bright future
You made yourself a betrayer of love
Why should I call you my lover


Your phone is always busy when I'm calling
Your neighbours say that you are not at home
Why should I feel like a jerk
especially if I'm not the one who
Made you a victim of love
Why should I, why should i..