Wish You'd Still Be Here — аккорды

A#m                                         G#
The world is soft through the glass and so quiet
A#m                                        G#
And we'll ride the buses and stare at the lights
D#                                  Fm
I’ll look at you in the windows and you,
you will smile
D#                      Fm              F#
We are invisible as we pass through the night

Didn't anyone notice we were here all the time
Those voices we've heard for
so long have now gone quiet
I bet they never thought they’d be
thinking about us tonight
Maybe they'll learn to be
a little warmer next time

G#                         C#
Oh, I wish you'd still be here
G#                         C#
Oh, I wish you'd still be here
G#                         C#
One more day would be just fine
Fm    D#          C#
Oh I wish you be here

And I can see with the sun in my eyes
And I can feel the cold in the warmth of July
I never wanted to be standing here or
found like this
I hope some day we'll be sharing more then I miss


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