Billy’s Band — аккорды и текст песни Reeperbahn

Around the curve of The Parrot Bar
E                  Am
А broken-down old movie star
Hustling and Easterner
E                 Am
Bringing out the beast in her
Dm              Am
А high dive on a swimming pool
E                   Am
Filled with needles and with fools
The memories are short but the tales are long
E                       Am
When you're in the Reeperbahn

Well, they called her Rosie and she was a girl
Red robe lips and her strawberry curls
When she would laugh the river would run
She said she'd be a comedian
Oh what a pity, oh what a shame
When she start calling, nobody came
Now her bright red cheeks are painted on
And she's laughing her head off in the Reeperbahn

And if you've lost your inheritance
And all you've left is common sense
And you're not too picky about the crowd you keep
And the mattress where you sleep
Behind every window, behind every door
The apple has gone but there's always the core
And the seeds will sprout up right through the floor
When you're in the Reeperbahn